-- Reserver By Starkz!
parse("mp_building_limit Turret 99999")
parse("mp_building_limit Supply 99999")
parse("mp_building_limit Dispenser 99999")
parse('hudtxt 4 "©000255000 Mod Reserver In Server '"sv_name")..'" 247 13')
parse('hudtxt 2 "©160160255'"sv_name")..' Server" 322 26 1')
if sample==nil then sample={} end{}
msg("©200255000Este Lua fue Creado Por [»killer«]Starkz![»WL«]")
msg("©000255000Para Ver los Comandos Del Server Presione F1")
msg("©000255000Lua: Reserver")
msg("Time: %I:%M %p"));
msg("Date: %A, %d %b %Y"));
if sample==nil then sample={} end
if sample==nil then sample={} end
function sample.sayfuncs.say(p,txt)
if (txt=="!time") then msg("Time: %I:%M %p")); end
if (txt=="!date") then msg("Date: %A, %d %b %Y")); end
if (txt=="!slapme") then parse("slap "..p); end
if (txt=="!glock") then parse("equip "..p.." 2"); end     
if (txt=="!usp") then parse("equip "..p.." 1"); end     
if (txt=="!p228") then parse("equip "..p.." 4"); end     
if (txt=="!deagle") then parse("equip "..p.." 3"); end
if (txt=="!fiveseven") then parse("equip "..p.." 6"); end
if (txt=="!elite") then parse("equip "..p.." 5"); end
if (txt=="!m3") then parse("equip "..p.." 10"); end
if (txt=="!xm1014") then parse("equip "..p.." 11"); end
if (txt=="!mp5") then parse("equip "..p.." 20"); end
if (txt=="!tmp") then parse("equip "..p.." 21"); end
if (txt=="!mac10") then parse("equip "..p.." 23"); end
if (txt=="!ump45") then parse("equip "..p.." 24"); end
if (txt=="!p90") then parse("equip "..p.." 22"); end
if (txt=="!ak47") then parse("equip "..p.." 30"); end
if (txt=="!m4a1") then parse("equip "..p.." 32"); end
if (txt=="!galil") then parse("equip "..p.." 38"); end
if (txt=="!famas") then parse("equip "..p.." 39"); end
if (txt=="!sg552") then parse("equip "..p.." 31"); end
if (txt=="!aug") then parse("equip "..p.." 33"); end
if (txt=="!scout") then parse("equip "..p.." 34"); end
if (txt=="!awp") then parse("equip "..p.." 35"); end
if (txt=="!g3sg1") then parse("equip "..p.." 36"); end
if (txt=="!sg550") then parse("equip "..p.." 37"); end
if (txt=="!m249") then parse("equip "..p.." 40"); end
if (txt=="!wrench") then parse("equip "..p.." 74"); end
if (txt=="!gutbomb") then parse("equip "..p.." 86"); end
if (txt=="!snowball") then parse("equip "..p.." 75"); end
if (txt=="!machete") then parse("equip "..p.." 69"); end
if (txt=="!claws") then parse("equip "..p.." 78"); end
if (txt=="!nv") then parse("equip "..p.." 59"); end
if (txt=="!l") then parse("equip "..p.." 45");end
if (txt=="!flame") then parse ("equip "..p.." 46")end
if (txt=="!pr") then parse("equip "..p.." 88"); end
if (txt=="!@") then parse("equip "..p.." 45"); end
if (txt=="!lm") then parse("equip "..p.." 87"); end
if (txt=="!money") then parse("setmoney "..p.." 16000"); end
if (txt=="!speed 1") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 1"); end
if (txt=="!speed 2") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 2"); end
if (txt=="!speed 3") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 3"); end
if (txt=="!speed 4") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 4"); end
if (txt=="!speed 5") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 5"); end
if (txt=="!speed 6") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 6"); end
if (txt=="!speed 7") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 7"); end
if (txt=="!speed 8") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 8"); end
if (txt=="!speed 9") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 9"); end
if (txt=="!speed 10") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 10"); end
if (txt=="!speed 11") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 11"); end
if (txt=="!speed 12") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 12"); end
if (txt=="!speed 13") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 13"); end
if (txt=="!speed 14") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 14"); end
if (txt=="!speed 15") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 15"); end
if (txt=="!speed 16") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 16"); end
if (txt=="!speed 17") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 17"); end
if (txt=="!speed 18") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 18"); end
if (txt=="!speed 19") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 19"); end
if (txt=="!speed 20") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 20"); end
if (txt=="!speed 21") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 21"); end
if (txt=="!speed 22") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 22"); end
if (txt=="!speed 23") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 23"); end
if (txt=="!speed 24") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 24"); end
if (txt=="!speed 25") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 25"); end
if (txt=="!speed 26") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 26"); end
if (txt=="!speed 27") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 27"); end
if (txt=="!speed 28") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 28"); end
if (txt=="!speed 29") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 29"); end
if (txt=="!speed 30") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 30"); end
if (txt=="!speed 31") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 31"); end
if (txt=="!speed 32") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 32"); end
if (txt=="!speed 33") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 33"); end
if (txt=="!speed 34") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 34"); end
if (txt=="!speed 35") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 35"); end
if (txt=="!speed 36") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 36"); end
if (txt=="!speed 37") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 37"); end
if (txt=="!speed 38") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 38"); end
if (txt=="!speed 39") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 39"); end
if (txt=="!speed 40") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 40"); end
if (txt=="!speed 41") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 41"); end
if (txt=="!speed 42") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 42"); end
if (txt=="!speed 43") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 43"); end
if (txt=="!speed 44") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 44"); end
if (txt=="!speed 45") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 45"); end
if (txt=="!speed 46") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 46"); end
if (txt=="!speed 47") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 47"); end
if (txt=="!speed 48") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 48"); end
if (txt=="!speed 49") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 49"); end
if (txt=="!speed 50") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 50"); end
if (txt=="!speed 51") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 51"); end
if (txt=="!speed 52") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 52"); end
if (txt=="!speed 53") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 53"); end
if (txt=="!speed 54") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 54"); end
if (txt=="!speed 55") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 55"); end
if (txt=="!speed 56") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 56"); end
if (txt=="!speed 57") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 57"); end
if (txt=="!speed 58") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 58"); end
if (txt=="!speed 59") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 59"); end
if (txt=="!speed 60") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 60"); end
if (txt=="!speed 61") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 61"); end
if (txt=="!speed 62") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 62"); end
if (txt=="!speed 63") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 63"); end
if (txt=="!speed 64") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 64"); end
if (txt=="!speed 65") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 65"); end
if (txt=="!speed 66") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 66"); end
if (txt=="!speed 67") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 67"); end
if (txt=="!speed 68") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 68"); end
if (txt=="!speed 69") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 69"); end
if (txt=="!speed 70") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 70"); end
if (txt=="!speed 71") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 71"); end
if (txt=="!speed 72") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 72"); end
if (txt=="!speed 73") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 73"); end
if (txt=="!speed 74") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 74"); end
if (txt=="!speed 75") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 75"); end
if (txt=="!speed 76") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 76"); end
if (txt=="!speed 77") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 77"); end
if (txt=="!speed 78") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 78"); end
if (txt=="!speed 79") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 79"); end
if (txt=="!speed 80") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 80"); end
if (txt=="!speed 81") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 81"); end
if (txt=="!speed 82") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 82"); end
if (txt=="!speed 83") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 83"); end
if (txt=="!speed 84") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 84"); end
if (txt=="!speed 85") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 85"); end
if (txt=="!speed 86") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 86"); end
if (txt=="!speed 87") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 87"); end
if (txt=="!speed 88") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 88"); end
if (txt=="!speed 89") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 89"); end
if (txt=="!speed 90") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 90"); end
if (txt=="!speed 91") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 91"); end
if (txt=="!speed 92") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 92"); end
if (txt=="!speed 93") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 93"); end
if (txt=="!speed 94") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 94"); end
if (txt=="!speed 95") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 95"); end
if (txt=="!speed 96") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 96"); end
if (txt=="!speed 97") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 97"); end
if (txt=="!speed 98") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 98"); end
if (txt=="!speed 99") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 99"); end
if (txt=="!speed 100") then parse("speedmod "..p.." 100"); end
if (txt=="!heal") then
if (player(p,"exists")) then
if (hp>0) then
msg ("©000255000"..player(p,"name").." was HP: "..hp.." Healing")
parse("equip "..p.." 64")
function initArray(m)
local array = {}
for i = 1, m do
return array
sample.badwords.words = {"dick","penis","cock","shit","n00b","fack","vagina","noob","fuck","bitch","cunt"}
function sample.badwords.say(p,t)
for i = 1,#sample.badwords.words do
if (string.find(t,sample.badwords.words[i])~=nil) then
msg("©255000000"..player(p,"name").." have been warned. Warnings: "..sample.classes.flame[p].."/3")
topw = ("©255000000Warnings: "..sample.classes.flame[p].."/3")
xz = 10
yz = 250
tidz = 7
parse('hudtxt2 '..p..' '..tidz..' "'..topw..'" '..xz.." "..yz)
if sample.classes.flame[p]>= 3 then
parse("kick "..p)
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